About us


ArtistryByPari is a premium brand committed to creating artistic and unique art pieces to collect and gift which gives you The Luxury Art for your home spaces. 

The art pieces created for The Divine Collection are made while listening to the mantras of the connecting Gods or Goddesses as Pari strongly believes that the special Divine Collection will bring happiness and pass on the divine blessings to its recipients. 

The Brand with its wide range of handcrafted home decor articles gives you the ability to bring a royal touch to your monotony. Our brand has an intent to promote Indian cultural handicrafts globally, and to bring the richness of Indian heritage into your homes.  

The designs are inspired from the rich Indian cultural heritage, Indian God and goddesses which is known for its craftsmanship in various mediums. It has high quality products which are handcrafted by Pari from New Delhi, India. 

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